A Partnership to Serve Our Region

Georgia Southern University and Savannah State University have come together to bring even greater educational opportunities for you and your family.

This partnership provides specially tailored degrees and convenient delivery options to make it even easier and more affordable to obtain a college degree.

Liberty Campus, Hinesville

Savannah State students can take courses on the Georgia Southern Liberty Campus in Hinesville.

Homeland Security & Emergency Management Degree

SSU’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) bachelor’s degree is available in Hinesville. Online courses are available summer 2019 with face-to-face beginning in the fall.

SSU is the first institution in the state of Georgia to offer a bachelor’s degree in HSEM. The SSU HSEM program prepares students to assume leadership roles in emergency management, homeland security and/or public policy; participate in employer-directed training for specific roles and career advancement; and pursue graduate study in government, business, public policy, international affairs, law enforcement, policy planning, or law.

The core curriculum focuses on areas such as all-hazard risk and vulnerability assessment, planning, terrorism, emergency management and homeland security policy, communication and leadership, and planning for diverse populations. Students gain hands-on experience with software used in emergency operations centers and other real-world emergency management and homeland security settings.

Virtual Forensic Science: Evidence Processing, Documentation and Analysis Certificate

SSU’s 18 credit-hour certificate will be offered in Hinesville. Online courses are available fall 2019 with face-to-face beginning in the spring of 2020.

Building upon the forensic science degree, this certificate will be open to students in any major as well as those employed in law enforcement, military or an associated area of forensic science, criminal justice or homeland security.

The certificate program will provide an immersive learning experience with SSU’s exclusive 3-D virtual reality crime scene investigation technology. Certificate coursework will cover procedures necessary for the proper use of 3-D technology in criminal investigations, such as 3-D scanning, processing, analyzing and the use of 3-D virtual reality technology in courtroom presentation of crime scene evidence.